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Mon, Jun—03, 2024

The world will be a good place,

      when women & men
      plant trees for shade,

that they know they shall never sit. 

(I believe the ancient Greeks said something like this.)


My commitment to leadership is all about building a culture where creativity can flourish, we help each other grow, and believe that our work today will have a lasting impact in the years to come.
I strive to embody this spirit in every aspect of my life.

Tue, Dec—27, 2022

2020 was good traaash.


Respectfully, the most frustrating year of my professional career—but a vital one full of lessons in humility.

It's never all good (trust), but I don’t think myself and my circles have been more honest—and I couldn't be more content with how the year has gone. Cheers to closing out this weak ass chapter. 🙏🏾



Thu. May 16—2019

Let's do it right. This is for the ages.


L. M. Pei. Louvre, Paris passed away today at 102

If the problem is a complicated problem, then the building will result just that way... but then after that we have to simplify it. We have to eliminate the inessential.

I took a page out of your book.
I had to step away to think, feel, and feel since my last post.
My mind—my body—my soul is back in alignment.

I am back.

Thank you.


Tue. Nov—07—2017

Expect change.


The one thing in life you can expect is to change.

A few years back, @Civilization hosted @pentagram's very own @PaulaScher, who closed her lecture with the remarkable words, "Expect Change."

Extraordinary yet straightforward—these words have resonated with me ever since and now serve as a permanent reminder that you can either embrace the seasons on your heels or your toes.

The case study with detailed anatomy, my infatuation for abstract typography, and why Bodoni and Univers font families were chosen will be on my portfolio soon — stay tuned!


Wed. Jan 07—2017

LeManoosh: Pure Sex


LeManoosh is one of my top go-to places for creative inspiration.

Industrial design is an excellent resource for inspiration; it's a playground of function and form. If you're a UI/UX designer, it's all good to veer off from the usual channels. 


Sat. Dec 12—2015



Dedication is what you do when nobody is watching — never stop learning.

My team doesn't know, but since I joined the squad, I've been in the studio every weekend learning more software. Let's get it, HTC Creative Lab!

Dedication is what you do when nobody is watching—never stop learning. My team doesn't know but I've been coming into the studio every Saturday to learn software since I started in 2014. Let's get it HTC Creative Lab!

Sun. Nov 08—2015

Feed your inner child.


My inner child nearly exploded when I found these gems at a tiny hobby shop tucked in the Akihabara area of Tokyo.

I shot these with my HTC A9 camera (which we designed!). Left is a limited edition 1:10 r/c model of my Formula Red NSX, and right is a limited edition 1:24 scale Mugen model of my Type R. I also managed to find a 1:10 scale Kyosho ARTA NSX r/c car and 1:24 scale Takata Dome NSX. These are going to be great gifts!


Thu. Jun 18—2015


Found this Freedom Gundam model at the new tech mall in Tapei city a few weeks ago. After assembling, I decided it needed some details.

An exercise like this is excellent for the mind and in some cases transfer over to interaction design. Imagine the mechanics of the wing blades as a metaphor for revealing and concealing information. While details like texture, work to create a sense of depth and hierarchy as you'd find in many interfaces. The tiniest details can create the most impact. 


Thu. Jun 18—2015

Function x Form, Fused.


I am a UI + visual designer at HTC's Creative Lab division now, and it's an exciting time for us. The continuous hard work and cross-continent collaboration will make HTC's new line of products and experiences that much more enjoyable. I can't say much — but it feels great to be at the forefront of innovation.

With all the screen time invested, it's only right to find balance. I FINALLY purchased my dream car — an all aluminum Formula Red NSX. This week has also been exhilarating because my wheels are finally here from Rays Engineering Japan. Specially ordered NSX spec 17x8+33 and 18x9.5+28 CE28N in Titanium Gunmetal finish, along with 215/40, 275/35 Dunlop ZII Star Specs, Project Kics R40s, and Comptech Engineering F/R anti-roll bars. The 10+ inch wide contact patch + dialed suspension should be fun!



Tue. Aug 19—2014

"Keep looking Johny!"


My fine arts professor use to say to me ‘its all about looking Johny, keep looking.’ 

Ages ago, we had a project called ‘#JIMDINE’ where we’d draw for the entire period, the next day my professor would tell us to smudge away the previous day's work and draw over it, leaving behind a 'record of progress.' I remember thinking you den lost yo damn mind lady, and then it hit me — this woman is a genius. This process taught us to look past our first impressions. 

The longer and harder you look at something — the better you'll understand it, so trace (trust) the damn process.